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Personal Fitness Training

Personal Fitness Training

Missy has been a certified Personal Fitness Trainer with CanFitPro for over seven years. She specializes in movement function, core and balance training. Being a life long athlete herself, she also specializes in sport related conditioning. Missy will listen to your personal goals and encourage you to build a strong foundation so you can safely progress in your fitness journey. Each and every work workout is personalized and includes exercises/goals for you to do in between your one-on-one training sessions. Sessions can be booked at Beyond Esthetics or Missy can come to you**

**certain conditions apply for mobile training including distance, availability etc.

Single Session - 60 minutes

In Home/Mobile ** $90.00
At BEI $80.00


1x week for 12 weeks $960.00
2x week for 12 weeks $1,860.00
3x week for 12 weeks $2,700.00


1x week for 12 weeks $840.00
2x week for 12 weeks $1,620.00
3x week for 12 weeks $2,340.00

Top reasons to hire a Personal Trainer in 2019
  • Personalized Workouts - a personal trainer will consider your current fitness level and design your workouts tailored to your strengths, weaknesses and goals all within a SAFE environment.

  • Goal Achievement - making short term and long term goals are important. A trainer will help you determine realistic goals and push you to achieve them. Keeping documentation and testing along the way is key.

  • Coaching / Instruction - One of the main reasons people hire a trainer is to have expert help in completing movement patterns the proper way. Over time we can fall into ruts, short cuts, poor habits and it will be the trainers sharp eye to help correct this and set you on the right path to a better quality of life.

  • Accountability - do you lack motivation and commitment? If you struggle with following through with your fitness goals, then hiring a trainer will help you overcome this obstacle. A trainer will provide a weekly and monthly schedule for you, so if you like checklists and routine then a trainer will help keep you accountable to the expectations that have been set.

  • Variety - an experienced trainer will keep you far from bored! Their knowledge of exercise selection, use of time and space will keep you challenged and interested in each session. Using and working with a variety of equipment will not only keep you guessing, but it will provide you with a ton of confidence and feeling of achievement when you successfully work with new toys.

  • Efficiency - a personal trainer wants to see you reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible. Using each minute of the session to work directly towards your goal will help you avoid plateauing or taking detours along the way. The quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line, and hiring a personal training is the fastest and smartest way to get to your goals.

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