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Foot Reflexology (1 hr) $75.00
Thai Reflexology (1 hr) $75.00
Thai Herbal Reflexology (1.25 hrs) $95.00
Hot Stone Reflexology (1.25 hrs) $95.00

Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot Stone Reflexology originated in India and China and has been around for centuries. Ancient civilizations believed that hot stones cleansed the body and relaxed the heart, grounding the soul and soothing the mind. Further enhance the benefits of a Reflexology treatment with the use of warm basalt stones to massage the lower legs relieving any tension in the calf muscles and increasing energy flow. Smaller stones are then used to work the reflex areas and points on the feet. The heat from the stones quickly opens the reflex pathways bringing about at much deeper level of relaxation than Reflexology alone.

Thai Herbal Reflexology

Our traditional foot reflexology treatment with the added benefits of a Thai Herbal Compress application. Thai Hot Herbal is a traditional Thai medicine massage treatment called Luk Pra Kob that dates back more than 3000 years and has a literal translation of "pressing herbal sphere" or herbal ball.

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

Thai Foot Massage involves a variety of hands-on techniques including two handed palm movements, stretches, circular massage movements and thumb and knuckle pressure, along with the use of a special Thai stick made out of teak for specific acupressure to stimulate the reflex points or energy lines on the feet.

Receipts issued for clients who are covered for Reflexology under their Health Insurance Plan.

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What is Reflexology?

Ottawa Reflexology Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands, and ears, which correspond to every part, gland, and organ of the body. Through the application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology relieves symptoms of tension, improves circulation, and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

Who Can Benefit From Reflexology?

Reflexology has been successfully applied to all ages. From babies a few hours old, to seniors aged over 100. Reflexology is a truly remarkable, non-invasive treatment for everyone who wants to return to good health, or if already enjoying optimum health, to maintain it.

Your Treatment

Your first reflexology session is approximately 75 - 90 minutes in duration. It includes a full foot assessment along with the completion and review of a comprehensive health history record. Subsequent treatments are approximately 60 minutes in duration.

Treatment includes a soothing herbal foot soak followed by a 45-50 minute reflexology treatment.

End your treatment with an optional warm, soothing, moisturizing paraffin wax application. This is especially beneficial for individuals with dry, chapped feet, and/or those who suffer from arthritis or rheumatism.

Effects and Benefits of Reflexology
  • Promotes relaxation and stress reduction
  • Improves circulation in both the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems
  • Helps the body to normalize itself naturally without adverse side effects
  • Provides preventative health care

Prices do not include applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.

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