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Every time it's "Maryann Day", I have a big smile on my face because I know the treatment is going to be soothing, relaxing, and healing. Maryann is such a delightful professional. She's friendly and always happy to adjust her focus or style of massage according to my needs. Beyond Esthetics is a warm and welcoming place that's clean and calm. What more could anyone ask for? Book your own "Maryann Day" and you won't be disappointed!


I constantly suffer with muscle tightness due to hyper mobility in my tendons and ligaments.

I get deep tissue massages on a regular basis to deal with it but I had been feeling like I couldn't take a deep breath properly. It felt like a weight was on my chest. Maryann had suggested that having a breast massage would release the muscles around the chest wall allowing me to breath easier.

I wasn't sure what to expect because I have had a breast augmentation but I was desperate to get relief. I decided to give it a try.

Maryann was extremely professional and carefully draped all areas while working on the sensitive area. I never felt uncomfortable during my treatment. I was so impressed with the amount of movement I gained immediately after. I literally felt like she had lifted a weight I had been carrying on my chest for months. It felt great to be able to take a full deep breath again.

As women, we don't think ever think about the tension and tightness that surrounds the breast tissue and that it is an area that needs to get attention just as much as our back, neck and shoulders. Adding a breast massage to my regular self care regime had allowed me to get complete relief from my constant aches and pains. It was that missing piece.

Thank you Maryann. Your skill and knowledge of your profession is impeccable and I'm so glad to have found you.


Coming into HIAH in March 2017, my blood pressure had risen (on medication), my blood sugar had increased (on insulin and oral medication) and I generally felt unwell, especially within my gut.

Following Roger's suggestions (and just to be clear - I am not perfect!) I have been able to decrease the amount of blood pressure medication I am on, decrease the amount of insulin I am taking and reduce the gas, bloating and general unwell feeling I had. My endocrinologist and my GP are thrilled. To date I have lost 17 pounds - no calorie counting (I have to count my carbohydrates as I am on insulin), no hunger. The format Roger and Cathy have formulated for the course is spot on. It works - its fun, informative and tasty!

Check out the information session they have and take the course. It's your health, your life. I'm 63 - you're never too old..


I was looking for prenatal massage online and I found Beyond Esthetic Inc.'s Beyond Ultimate Prenatal Care Package. I am so glad I found your lovely home-based spa. Thank you for making my first pregnancy an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The team is professional and friendly. Thank you Maryann, Marilou, Cathy and Roger! The prenatal care package is perfect, Massage, Fire & Ice Foot Hydrotherapy for the tired and swollen legs, reflexology and sugaring. I loved it! Once I have the free time I will definitely visit again.

Alice W.

I recently visited Beyond Esthetics and spent an hour with RMT Maryann. At 35 weeks pregnant this was just what I needed to ease the back pain I have been experiencing. Right from start Maryann was warm and welcoming. Her lovely personality put me right at ease. Before we started she explained everything she would be doing in detail and answered all of my questions. The massage itself was wonderful. I was comfortable and relaxed during the whole treatment. I walked out feeling refreshed and relieved. I highly recommend Maryann for any expecting Mom.


My husband and I completed the HIAH program and we have never felt better!

We gained a whole new perspective about the foods we are putting in our body, the energy we gain from those nutrients and how our bodies reacts to certain ingredients. I thought our previous rules about limited fast food and packaged food was good, but it wasn't until we had the proper education and understanding of what these foods consist of and the negative side effects that affect our overall health and wellbeing.

We learnt not only about what we put on our plate, but how sleep, positive affirmation and incorporating ways to destress all play an integral part of our overall health.

We believe everyone, at their own pace, can work to improve their balance and nutrition with this program.


Sonya & Sebastien Martin

Beyond Esthetics is an amazing spa that offers so many wonderful treatments which my daughters and I have enjoyed for years! From manicure, pedicures, facials, massages, reflexology, waxing and the list goes on and on. Cathy and Roger care deeply for each and every one of their clients which is evident by their long standing client base and the dozens of friends that they have made over the years, including our family. My daughter and I also participated in their "Health is a Habit" course. We learned so much about nutrition, food labels and healthy foods as a whole. My teenage daughter especially benefitted from information that she will take into her adult life. The class size was perfect for asking questions and allowed for in depth discussions. Their relaxed approach especially impressed me and Roger's casual delivery of the content and his relatability really made the information easy to understand. Before or after each class they served food that related to the topics we covered in the class. We learned so much about ingredients and food preparation. We absolutely loved the course. If you're looking for a treatment or want to learn about nutrition, check them out, you won't be disappointed!


I cannot speak highly enough about Beyond Esthetics! The spa is very clean and everyone is very friendly and professional. Not to mention the relaxing atmosphere. Being a student it is also a huge bonus that they offer a student discount on most services! I have been in a few times now and have had the pleasure of having Catherine do several sugaring services on me. I've got very sensitive skin and have had nothing but amazing results. Marilou was also fantastic with a head-to-toe relaxation massage. Only complaint is that it went by so fast lol! Thank you thank you thank you! I am definitely now a lifetime client! Until next time :)


I have been visiting Beyond Esthetics Inc for a year now for sugaring treatments with Cathy. She is a fun, warm and inviting woman who makes all her clients feel comfortable and at home in their beautiful clinic. More recently, I arrived at one of my appointments in a lot of pain as I was suffering from Sciatic Nerve pain. Roger was luckily at home and made himself available to give me a Shiatsu massage. Not only was this extremely relaxing, but by the time I left I felt much better. The day after this I had NO PAIN. He is an excellent masseur, extremely professional, listened to my areas of pain and made me feel confident in his ability. He explained what steps he would take before the massage which was reassuring and made me feel listened to. Roger, you are a genius! Thank you to both Cathy and Roger for providing their services - I thoroughly recommend this business!


My experiences at Beyond Esthetics have been amazing and certainly addresses my need to finally take care of myself. I was so looking forward to their new treatment "Wet Socks" and absolutely delighted to have taken the opportunity of their September introductory offer. It was by far the ultimate experience beyond my expectations as my feet and upper legs are certainly in need of being pampered. The neck and shoulder massage included in this treatment are to die for and extremely rejuvanating !! Thank you so much Marilou for sharing and introducing us to the ultimate caring of our souls as well as our body.

The following day I indulged in the "Shiatsu Massage" with Roger. I truly believe that the "Wet Sock" treatment the day before absolutely prepared my inner self for the "Shiatsu" treatment, and I benefited even more so because of that. Thank you Roger for your excellence and your professionalism in providing total relaxation to an individual like myself who was never able to re-discover my "Chi" till this moment. This was my second session to "Shiatsiu" with Roger and certainly not my last.


I am a member of Group 2 of Health is a Habit, and I completed the 10 week Program in May 2015. I had lost a few pounds before starting the Program but following the 10 weeks I had lost a total of 22 pounds. I was really happy with this result, but more importantly, with this weight loss I was able to cut my diabetes medications in half and my blood sugar readings have been consistently in the low to mid normal range. I had been told by my doctor that the next step for me would be insulin, but when I had my checkup she reduced my meds instead! The Program was a pleasure to follow, I was not at all hungry, and I had great food to eat. We were taught how to make small incremental changes to our eating habits to achieve big results. Roger and Catherine are dedicated to helping others achieve their health related goals and each session was well prepared and organized, informative and fun. What I really appreciated was the practical side of the Program where we got to sample healthy food and received the recipes to make the dishes at home. I highly recommend this Program for everyone, whether you currently have health challenges or are trying to avoid them.

"Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny." - Mahatma Gandhi


Health is a Habit is a course I recommend for everyone. Whether you're in it for health issues, weight loss or simply the desire to live and eat well as you go forward, each person will come away from this experience with the ability to make informed decisions about the quality of life they want... and the educational tools to make that a reality.

Spanning ten weeks, this course is well-segmented... offering information each week that builds on the week(s) before and addresses one meal of the day that is directly applicable to each participant. As the weeks go by, a sense of community develops as you co-explore new (healthy) ways of preparing delicious meals and menus, as well as the reasons why you choose to do so. There is no "diet" to follow... just good sense. With the help of this course, you can change your life. It's enabling, satisfying... and fun!


I was on medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I had been suffering from Type II diabetes for over 16 years and had tried every diet that I came across to lose weight and control my blood sugar levels. I had neuropathy in both legs but worse in my right leg than my left.

In November 2014, I discovered "Health is a Habit" and was intrigued. Having tried so many diets in the past, I was skeptical but I decided to give it a try. I followed the program rigorously and also included exercise by walking. As the weeks passed, my energy levels increased, my cravings changed, my weight decreased and my blood glucose levels started to drop.

After 3½ months, my doctor took me off my diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure medications. I continue to follow my new dietary habits and remain medication free.

The "Health is a Habit" education for me was a synthesis of the best available diet and nutritional information and most importantly "IT WORKS!"

It requires a little work and some willpower but at the end of the day the results speak for themselves. I wish everyone following the program the very best of results.


I highly recommend Beyond Esthetics. This spa is very clean, relaxing atmosphere, knowledgable staff and beautifully decorated. The owner and aestheticians make you feel very comfortable and you leave feeling completely pampered. This private spa is truly a hidden gem that I'm glad I found.

Deborah Laplante - Kemptville On

My teen daughter and I went to Beyond Esthetics for a 1 hr. massage and were very pleased with our experience there. The spa is located in Cathy & Roger's home, but it would rival any commercial building spa for professionalism and atmosphere. Cathy was very welcoming and our massages from Roger and Mary Lou were excellent. Roger did some shiatsu/acupressure massage on my tightest areas and finished off with a relaxation massage. Both parts were wonderful. The shiatsu did hurt a bit at some points, but it was more of a good hurt. At one point Roger pushed one spot and my breathing (normally very congested) immediately cleared up and I told him I didn't want him to stop pushing that spot!

The relaxation massage was a nice end to the hour. My daughter had a 100% relaxation massage and said she thoroughly enjoyed it and almost fell asleep several times. The atmosphere in the room is excellent, the tables are very comfortable, and Roger and Mary Lou were very skilled at their crafts. Before leaving I was chatting with Cathy and asking her about different massage options and she said that you can ask for the massages to be tailored specifically to the areas where you feel you need the most work, so next time we go back I will be asking Roger to work especially on my neck/shoulder/jaw area. I will definitely be back!

Wendy Hagerty

I went for an Amazing Thai Hot Herbal Massage and a Beyond Essential Facial last week at Beyond Esthetics Inc. located in beautiful Riverside South! Not only was the service and environment peaceful and relaxing, my Thai Hot Herbal Massage and Beyond Essential Facial were AMAZING! The Thai Hot Herbal Massage is like nothing I've ever experienced before and was a perfect combination of heat and pressure. The ladies there were beyond welcoming and made the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable! I highly recommend checking out Cathy and Marilou and experiencing both the Facial and Thai Hot Herbal Massage for yourself.

Thank you Beyond Esthetics for the relaxing afternoon.

Tiffani Westerman

I went to Beyond Esthetics today for the first time, and received a pedicure and facial. Kathy was extremely friendly and welcoming, the facilities (a home spa) were eloquently decorated and very calming. Kathy greeted me and offered me a beverage as I was very early. I was very relaxed during my pedicure and I love the amount of detail and attention Kathy paid to my poor feet! I had my first ever facial, and I felt so at home I'm pretty sure I dozed off a bit! It was a lovely experience and I intend on returning soon!


No spa that I have been to comes close to the experience that I enjoyed at your Beyond Esthetics spa. I was unsure what to expect but what I found was beyond what I could imagine. The atmosphere was calming, relaxing and totally welcoming. What made it so wonderful was the personal touch. I felt that I mattered and was made to feel that I was important. Everything was explained to me and the care and concern came through every minute that I spent there. From the treatments to the esthetics to the food... everything was top notch. All I can say is thank you and I will be back. As a side note, I really appreciate your auto-clave sterilization system, which I think is rare and should be mandatory for all spas.


Since my car accident in 2004, I have been in pain and haven't had a noticeable relief from my pain until today. I have tried physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractor; going at least every month for years just to stay ahead of my pain.

After one session with Roger for shiatsu massage, I feel that years of stress, tightness and pain have been lifted. I am not 100% yet; but feel that I have finally found the right therapy for me and would recommend it to anyone. I definitely will be going back!

Thank you,


Rogers Shiatsu massages are very effective at loosening tense muscles caused by stress and his knowledge concerning how the acupressure points relate to various issues in the body is on point. He is also great at reducing anxiety and other bottled in emotions through the release of blocked energy within the acupuncture meridians. I highly recommend him!


Beyond Esthetics is unlike any other spa.

When I moved into Riverside South, I was having trouble with shoulder tension. I did a search for spas and found Beyond Esthetics. I gave Cathy and Roger a call and haven't strayed away from them. The service is just that great!

Roger's Shiatsu treatment really helped relieve the tension in my shoulders.

Cathy's facials, manicures and pedicures are awesome for some well-deserved self-pampering.

These are the two of the most professional, educated, helpful and friendliest people who I have met. Not only is the service excellent, but they will both welcome you and make you feel like you are a special client / friend.

I highly recommend calling them up at Beyond Esthetics and receiving any of their wonderful services.

Thanks Cathy and Roger. I continue to look forward to seeing you in the future for more treatments.


Affordable five stars service in a private home. My Valentin's gift: (1) Sauna in relaxation mode where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun without being burnt and sweating like a pig: A snowbird experience in Ottawa. Then, (2) The "Sweet Torture" called Shiatsu. This is not a beauty contest massage, this massage is all about care. You came with a little pain. During the session you feel that you have more pain that you think. At the end of the session and the day after, you feel relax and pain free. Finally (3) the "Exquisite torture" called facial that will clean your skin, relax your face: a mixture of beauty and care. Thanks Roger and Catherine. This was a memorable experience.


I am in training to become a reflexologist with Roger and Catherine at Beyond Esthetics. The course's textbook material was scientific and useful in providing an overview of human physiology. In-class videos further clarified the material, as did Roger, who answered questions and gave further examples whenever needed. Now that I am working on my practicum, I can see the connections that exist among the body's various systems and I can observe how rebalancing these systems truly benefits people. It's fascinating to see how the pain or imbalance in the body is reflected in the foot and how working on the foot restores the natural functioning of the body in a surprisingly short amount of time. It has been my experience that the initial health problem becomes exaggerated briefly, but then suddenly disappears, for how long, I don't know, but it's fascinating. I have gone back to individuals for much later "tune ups" and even these show results. I recommend reflexology as part of one's general health care regimen and I recommend training at Beyond Esthetics for anyone interested in providing this care.

Jean Reddington

We planned a spa day for my sister's bachelorette party of 10 girls at Beyond Esthetics and we could have not asked for a better experience! We all had an amazing day as Beyond Esthetics exceeded our expectations. Cathy, Roger, and their team were so kind, warm, and accommodating. They made us feel very comfortable. Although we were a large party they took their time and made sure that each of us had their full attention and a relaxing experience. Several of us had the facial with the relaxation massage, as well as the foot reflexology and of course, Manicures! We felt amazingly pampered after and they made sure to make the bride feel special... just as she should. We are from Toronto, but we would definitely go back again to have an experience like that. We truly appreciated the ambiance, the care and the very kind treatment we received which made our spa day one that my sister will always remember. Thank you again to Cathy, Roger and their team.


I have had eight treatments of Silky Skin so far and am thrilled with the results. The process is painless and I've never had any irritation after. At this point, I would say that 75% of the unwanted hair is gone and that is was worth every penny.


The first time I ever tried professional hair removal was at Beyond Esthetics. We started with sugaring, which worked well but didn't give me the results as quickly as I wanted. As soon as the Silky Skin system was available I switched to that method of hair removal. I can tell you without a doubt that it works, and you see lasting results almost immediately. The system is quick and easy and works on all hair types. I am fair haired so where most traditional methods of hair removal do not work well, Silky Skin does! I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Kelly B.

It was Shortly after being diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma that I discover Beyond Esthetics. The many visits to the podiatrist, for orthotics fittings increased my frustrations and determination to do everything I could to avoid surgery.

I had heard of reflexology before, but had no idea how it could be a solution to help me with this painful foot problem. After my first visit to Beyond Esthetics and meeting with Roger and Catherine I had no doubt that I was in good hands.

I quickly became a regular clients to Beyond Esthetics where Rogers amazing knowledge and empathy were more then helpful to assist me in my treatment. Reflexology as been a great complementary treatment that has led me on the recovery path.

I would strongly recommend reflexology with either Catherine and Roger as they are both very caring and professional people.


I had the relaxing and hydrating pedicure this morning. My day couldn't have started off any better. From the welcoming and relaxing environment I look forward to returning for more treatments!

Charlene Howell

I wanted to start off by saying your amazing Roger!

For people who have never heard of Shiatsu you have reached the art of healing!

I have finished my treatments with Roger which lasted a month to help alleviate my muscles from severe tightness causing spasms, headaches, movement, loss of sleep and most of all quality of life.

I have a congenital deformity of my vertebras and ribs which has in turn created my torso to be short and disfigured. Due to this syndrome called Spondylocostal dysostosis I have been living in pain every day of my life, until now!

I have received immediate and long term relief from Rogers Shiatsu treatments.

Thank goodness for me, I never have to worry about not getting relief to my symptoms again.

Thank you again,

Sandra MacDonald

I have had my fair share of facials at many spas, but they don't come close to the level of attention and care I've got at Beyond Esthetics. I absolutely loved the galvanic facial and I am going back soon for another one. Cathy is generous with her time and very knowledgeable. Definitely 5 star service. Thank you.

Mihaela Ciocarlan

I've been to many spas across Canada and discovered Beyond Esthetics at the yoga studio I use. I had recently moved to Ottawa, and was looking for a place that is reasonably priced and within the local area - I found these two things and so much more with Beyond Esthetics.

I've now been to the spa several times for sugaring, a facial and shiatsu/acupressure massage. Most recently I booked an afternoon couple's "spa retreat" for myself and my boyfriend. They took the time to make us extremely comfortable and welcome, spending the better part of an afternoon with side by side relaxation massages, an ultimate pedicure and a reflexology. At no time did we feel rushed and we were pampered beyond expectations.

Every visit has been perfect - the environment is completely tranquil, clean and welcoming. Although the spa is located in their house, the spa area has been transformed into a setting that rivals or bests the top commercial spas that I've visited. Roger and Catherine themselves are amazing people; their outgoing, open and professional manner makes you feel totally welcome from the moment you step in the door. They're extremely knowledgeable in all of the services that they provide. I've never felt more comfortable or been more satisfied with a spa as I have been with Beyond Esthetics.

Jessica and Jim

Having been waxing for years, I was becoming frustrated with the discomfort, skin irritation and constant ingrown hairs. After a suggestion from Cathy to try sugaring, I decided to give it a shot. After only 2 appointments, I no longer had any ingrown hairs. I have less hair grown than I did with waxing and I have no skin irritation and no discomfort. I will never go back to waxing. Sugaring is definitely the way to go, especially if you have ingrown hairs or sensitive skin. Thanks for the suggestion Cathy!!


I recommend Beyond Esthetics for anyone looking to relax in a welcoming and comfortable environment filled with friendly smiles and professionalism. I got the Ultimate Pedicure and as a new mom it was hard to stay awake, it was so relaxing. I left feeling tranquilized, refreshed and having the softest/smoothest feet I've ever had. Without a doubt the best Pedicure to date! I can't wait to go back :D

Thank you Cathy and Roger for all of your friendliness, helpful information and giving me the most positive and relaxing evening I could have hoped for.


I have suffered with excruciating foot cramps that have affected my sleep for as long as I can remember. While on vacation I started experiencing hip pain and it was difficult to sit for any period of time. While chatting with a close friend about my struggles, she suggested I try her Reflexologist Cathy.

On my first visit to BEYOND ESTHETICS I was in awe of the decor and treated in a calm and professional manner. Cathy and Roger's spa is inviting and peaceful. After a thorough assessment Cathy was certain she could help me. I started once weekly and after my third reflexology session, my hip pain and foot cramps were gone. I was enjoying my first full night sleep in many, many, years.

I would with full confidence recommend Cathy to anyone, as she has truly been a lifesaver for me.

Thank you Cathy.


Judy Brown

Seeking help for my 'frozen' shoulder, a friend suggested I try Shiatsu massage from Roger at Beyond Esthetics. Having tried several other therapies, with varying success, I was somewhat sceptical but am delighted with the results. This home spa, conveniently located right in the neighbourhood, is well planned, quiet and the atmosphere immediately relaxing.

After assessing my aches and pains, Roger explained the treatment he planned and made me very comfortable with his knowledge and professionalism. A few treatments later I now have complete mobility in my shoulder.

A great success and I would recommend this type of massage for stress relief anytime.

Thank you Roger.

Suzanne R.

Beyond Esthetics truly does go beyond. The home based spa is tranquility at its finest. Their attention to detail and professionalism is second to none.

As a self proclaimed spa bunny I can assure you that the environment and services exceed many that I've had at substantially higher prices and not in near as nice a locale. I find that too many spas are bustling and loud and full of people making much needed relaxation difficult. This is not the case at Beyond Esthetics.

I've had a variety of services at the spa and can say with absolute certainty that Cathy gives the most thorough and attentive facial I have ever received. My skin simply glowed afterwards. At the same time Cathy shares her wealth of information about skin care from the inside out. In addition Cathy also dyes my blond brows to the perfect brown and I'm amazed at how long they last.

I am currently seeing Roger regularly for Shiatsu and Thai stretching. The difference in my flexibility is incredible. It has greatly reduced the pain caused by extreme tightness in my legs and hips that was beyond repair by my own means. In addition I was excited to see that my cold shoulder was fixed up in one Shiatsu treatment. For six months I couldn't lift my arm over my shoulder. Roger knew exactly what caused it and fixed it immediately. Everyone should try Shiatsu. I'm glad I discovered it.

Congratulations Cathy and Roger. You've done an outstanding job.


Beyond Esthetics is so relaxing, comfortable and friendly you never want to leave. I first went to Roger to deal with a case of tennis elbow - Roger helped identify the cause and after two Shiatsu sessions my pain was gone. Since then, I've also had the pleasure of a "girl's day out", my friend and I enjoying an afternoon of massage and facial treatment that left us feeling incredibly pampered - I definitely recommend it as a great way to celebrate any special occasion!


Attention to detail - second to none!

The first thing you notice when you are welcomed to Beyond Esthetics is just how much thought and passion both Roger and Cathy have put in to making you have the best possible spa experience. We went for a Couples Treatment, and we were treated like royalty. From the fabulous décor, to the inviting fireplace, to the snacks and refreshments, to the interesting and informative conversations - you really get it all at this wonderful home spa. As soon as you enter their oasis, you would never know you're in a home spa --- it's as professional as can be.

If you would ever like someone to be a perfectionist, it's when you choose to get pampered at a spa --- Roger and Cathy are clearly perfectionists at their craft which only benefits their customers, and keeps them coming back.

No matter what treatment you choose from their wide variety of services, we have no doubt you will be treated with the utmost care and professionalism with the added bonus of both Cathy and Roger being very educated in many aspects to help you achieve better overall health. If you wanted them to, they really can both chat with you all day about so many things to help you better understand the intricacies of your body.

We have and will continue to recommend Beyond Esthetics to our friends and family as Cathy and Roger really go 'beyond esthetics' to have you leave their haven with a smile on your face and feeling totally revitalized! In the end, isn't that what it's all about...

Kim & Craig Richer

My husband Peter and I had the amazing opportunity to have a couples treatment with Cathy and Roger at Beyond Esthetics. We experienced Shiatsu treatments for the first time and Roger's knowledge and gentle, yet therapeutic touch were able to relieve our overall aches and tension. We would definitely recommend this to anyone with any major or minor issues.

I was also treated to a relaxing and regenerative facial by Cathy. It was both extremely calming and helpful to my overall skin condition. Cathy's vast knowledge helped me to understand what to do both nutritionally and treatment-wise to help maintain good skin. Peter had a similar experience except with a never experienced "back treatment" (which is described as a facial for your back) and was equally impressed.

Overall we highly recommend you try Beyond Esthetics It is truly a treatment beyond just esthetics!

Karen and Peter Krajcovic

Professional, yet Convenient!

I would highly recommend this spa. The customer service was excellent and the atmosphere was extremely relaxing. The layout and design allowed for privacy as you wait between services and/or enjoy a beverage and snack after pampering.

Beyond Esthetics is a wonderfully relaxing place to get rejuvenated. Both Roger and Cathy are highly professional, and go out of their way to make you feel welcome. With the added value of the spa's convenient location I will definitely return to Beyond Esthetics.

Michael Petrie

Highly Recommended!!!

Beyond Esthetics is a fantastic home-based spa. Cathy and Roger are extremely passionate about their business and it shows in their professionalism and hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed my Shiatsu massage and facial and will definitely be treating myself to a number of the other services that they offer in the not too distant future. I would highly recommend Beyond Esthetics to friends and family.

Wendy Kingsley

My husband and I received a Couples Treatment at Beyond Esthetics with Roger and Cathy and we couldn't have been more pleased.

First, you definitely feel special from the minute you walk in. The atmosphere is extremely relaxing. The layout and design allow for privacy as you wait between services or enjoy a beverage and snack after pampering. The service is second to none...

Secondly, the treatments we received were fabulous! We both had a Shiatsu massage and facial.

Roger makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As he talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can tell he really has an interest in not only what's going on with your body, but in who you are. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience.

Cathy is a perfectionist in her craft. She truly takes an interest in her client's health and well being. You will feel the true meaning of being pampered.

Both Roger and Cathy are truly passionate in the work they do. They are both very knowledgeable and promote a holistic approach to wellness.

Since our Couples Treatment both my husband and I have returned for other various treatments and have enjoyed every one. We look forward to each appointment with excitement. We will continue to recommend our friends and family to Beyond Esthetics.

Sonya & Sebastien Martin

In the 90's, I was in a car accident and fractured my shoulder blade, since then I have had constant pain in my shoulders.

After just one Shiatsu treatment with Roger, I was amazed - that I actually was pain free in my shoulders!!!

Roger was very knowledgeable and gave me confidence in his ability to help. It was refreshing to have someone take the time to explain things and care about my well being.


Never having a facial before I was not sure what to expect. What a pleasant surprise! Cathy's superb personality, her knowledge and great atmosphere put me at ease. Her expert hands, worked magic - I felt so relaxed - I was almost in another world. Thanks Cathy for a great treatment.


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